3/23/24 Fretboard Workshop

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Ready to rumble?! See you this Saturday, the 23rd of March!

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I have this workshop on my calendar, but I don’t remember how to access it or how much it costs. Please advise. Thank you.

Did you register? If yes, the Zoom link is on the workshop page in your account: My Account. If not, we’ve reached capacity for this live session, but I’ll be making the replay available for purchase later today or tomorrow.

Hello Brad ! Thanks for this workshop ! I’ve follow the replay because I’m Utm + 11 ! Very usefull, I’m thinking of practising with strings transfer with single “line melody” as said before and doing some ear training too ! Aloha from New-Caledonia !

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Aloha Patrice, glad you liked it. I had a great time sharing with the group.

The time is a little early down under. Glad you can enjoy the replay! Hope to see you next time.