5/25/24 - Faster, Smoother Chord Changes Workshop REPLAY

I’ll be working on Saturday during the Zoom lesson, but I look forward to watching the playback. Mahalo in advance for any tips on those confounded buzzing barre chords. :warning:
I’m working on them daily, trying to make the transitions smooth and clean.

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Brad, thanks again for your tips on smoother chord transitions. Sorry if I hijacked your lesson. Your advice of finger placement inside the fret, slowing down and thinking ahead have all been very helpful over my time of studying with you. Those beginner chords have become second nature and transition smoothly now without looking. But now I struggle with smooth timely transitions on those moveable barre chords. As with everything else up to now, I imagine that they will continue to get easier with time, patience and practice.

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Got any chord changes you need a hand with? Which ones were you able to create a movement pattern for?

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I used to get tangled up transferring from G major to D7 and back again.

And the same would happen between G major and Em.

That was until I decided to give up on always fingering a chord the same way.

If I’m going from G to D7 I finger the G differently than if I’m transitioning from G to Em.
Planning ahead makes a difference now how I finger a chord.
“Economy of movement” is definitely a key component to smoother transitions, a cleaner sound, and getting there on time!

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