B3. "Nani Kaʻala" Solo Arrangement 1

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Cosie, your playing is graceful, relaxed and confident. Loved your use of harmonized 6ths and slides. Beautifully played. Thanks for posting your video.

Thank you, Bob! I dappled in a few arrangements before, but this one is completely my own. Aside from the arrangement, I have internalized this song and I feel it will be a great companion for life. I didn’t know I had it in me but thanks to Brad, who put me to the challenge, I am having a lot of good fun with this lesson. It’s great to see others here on this forum taking on the challenge to use the ear more. I greatly appreciate all the wonderful resources Brad is providing to help make it happen for us. Ho’o mele!

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This is wonderful! Your right hand is doing an amazing job with the alternating bass - very strong. Great to see the 6ths too.

Mahalo nui, Brad. Couldn’t have done it without your courses. So many goodies. You added more to the 6th sense course then when it first came out. The 6ths have never been explained more clearly. I’m diving in like a bee to honey water. I’m using a lot of 6ths in my arrangement of Aloha Ka Manini. Having a lot of fun. It’s like you said in your Feb 17 podcast… not having to read a sheet of music eliminates that extra step of mind to sheet and replaces it with a direct connect to the music in your own arrangements. It’s a wonderful feeling that I’ve been wanting but was hard to achieve with my dependence on sheet music. I’m discovering a sweet new direct connection now … heart to uke! :revolving_hearts: