C3. "Aloha Ka Manini" Solo Arr. 1

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Reply with your questions and comments. If you’ve worked up an arrangement for this tune, I’d love to see a video of you playing it!

Here’s my arrangement for this song I did last year, but someone just reminded me to post it here… :slight_smile:

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Wonderful! I like your intro and outro. Really sets the stage.

And you changed the key! Any particular reason?

Thanks for the response, Brad! Haha, I’m not really sure why I changed the key. I was messing around with playing things in different keys and maybe I liked the way it felt to play those chord voicings more? Can’t recall…lol.


Aloha Stephen,
Thanks for posting your video, and welcome to the forum. I look forward to seeing more from you. :_ukulele: I also enjoy your mandolin videos.

Nice job, Stephen! The melody stands out well. I look forward to hearing more from you.

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