Groove ʻUkulele

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Have you been able to ditch traditional strumming patterns in favor of the Groove ʻUkulele ideal - just feeling a rhythm that works on the grid?

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Strumming on “The Grid” has totally been a game changer for my ukulele practice.
No more :arrow_down: :arrow_down: :arrow_up::arrow_down::arrow_up: for me. That totally threw off my rhythm trying to find and keep the beat. Now I just listen to the rhythm, find that tempo and stick to it. The only question now is whether I’m hitting or missing the strings. (And the 8-sided dice has been an interesting exercise) Practicing switching between whole note strums, half note strums, quarter note, eighth note and sixteenth notes has been a much better way of staying on “The Grid”. Okay, throw in some triplet strums to mix it up and challenge yourself.