Hawaiian Songs For ʻUkulele Volume 2?

@bradbordessa Any plans for a Hawaiian songs for ukulele volume 2? These songs are still burned into my soul a year later and I really got a ton out of the course! I remember you hinting at maybe doing a volume 2 in a podcast a while ago…

Haven’t really given it much thought. I did make a list the other day of some foundational Hawaiian tunes and realized I don’t have material for most of them. That’s for sure an important gap to fill.

I dunno. I’m open to the idea. Any specific tunes from the public domain you’d like to see?

I just did a quick search of Hawaiian songs in the public domain. I didn’t get too far. It led me right back to your website. Hahahaha

So maybe folks can ponder this list and see what mele “floats their boat”. I’ll give it a lookover and see if anything jumps out at me.

Here are couple I can think of off the top of my head which I think are public domain:

Wahine ‘ilikea, Panini pua kea, Kawika

You also kind of already did Aloha ‘Oe in left hand technique, but maybe you could do a different version of that.

Cool to hear you’re open to the idea! Don’t wanna get my hopes up or anything, but if you made a volume 2, I’d be all over that!:+1:

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Stephen, I would like to add to your list.
Noho Paipai - gets my vote for sure.

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