How to play Slash Chords

I just read your article about Slash Chords. Not being a true musician I have actually never heard of or run across slash chords in my ‘ukulele journey. But your description of what they are and why they are difficult to play on ‘ukulele makes complete sense. One would definitely benefit from having 6 stringed instruments to accommodate more notes making up the chord, or even better, the ten notes that could be used by learning piano and taking advantage of all ten digits to create extremely complex chords with names that I could not begin to imagine. Sorry I missed out on piano lessons as a kid. But honestly 4 strings are plenty for me to navigate at this point. In any case, thanks for continuing to educate me in music theory and expand my music appreciation.

They’re tricky, Bob! Mostly you find them in guitar songbooks where it’s accompanied by a chord diagram that makes it feasibly for the average guitarist to understand. Uke sheet music tends to have the slash chords reworked for simplicity.

You new-school uke students are so spoiled! :wink: There didn’t used to be ʻukulele songbooks at all! Hence a need for understanding slash chords. If you can get away with never seeing one, you’re stoked!

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You are absolutely right about being spoiled. Without YouTube I’m certain that I would not know half of what I know now. I can totally appreciate the old school Hawaiian way of watching and listening, but you need a community of players to learn from.