Lesson 14 - Barre Chords

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If you need a hand with a specific barre voicing, post about it here (a video would be best) and I’ll do my best to give you some pointers.

I like the barre chords for their versatility and ease of transposition of some keys. For instance take the barre D chord. The 2nd fret (barred) and the 5th fret (with 5th finger on the first string) form what I call “the box.” In that box are the D chord and the E minor, G, and A7 chords. That box can be easily moved up or down the lower 2/3’s of the fretboard. Something I discovered on my own, though I am certainly not the first to think of it.
Thanks, Howard

Once you can visualize stuff like this, it gets much easier to find your way in new locations. You don’t really have to learn new chords as individual entities.

This is how I play baritone. I don’t really know what stuff is called unless I think about it. I just use the shapes I know provide a certain relationship movement from the root note. If you follow your ears and do this you can play almost anything.