Mirroring through Airplay seems to be disabled

For some reason the account wide setting didn’t apply to the first Street Theory video. Just changed it. Give it a try now.

Going to be on Maui for the week, but if there continues to be trouble I’ll do what I can and get you some answers when I get back.


Have fun on your yearly Maui getaway! I wish everyone here could enjoy the immersive week of Aloha that is Uncle George Kahumoku’s Slack Key and ‘Ukulele Workshop. Having the opportunity to work one-on-one and learn from Brad, Herb Ohta Jr, Bryan Tolentino, Jeff Peterson, Jason, Peter and the rest of the amazing kumu was life-changing and inspirational beyond words. I hope to get back to Maui next year for another chance to experience Hawaiian music at its finest, in the environment that it was intended. Mahalo nui loa!

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Ciao Brad,

Thanks ever so much for your dedication to your students, your website and your craft. It all works perfectly now.

I apologise for creating a lot of work for you, I’m just hoping this will create more revenue in the long term: I think it’s so much better to be able to cast or Airplay to a big screen, especially when looking at an ukulele lesson.
I will definitely get the Groove ukulele course now as I trust I can watch all the videos clearly on my TV (which by the way I only use for this purpose and YouTube). In time I’ll also get the Left Hand Technique full methodology.

Have a great time in Maui, hopefully one day I’ll be able to experience the workshop.

By the way, I watched the latest video of your band and I must say that the distorted sound of your Uke was truly sick!
Way to go!

Buon Viaggio,

Glad to hear it Fabio! Definitely missed my big monitor for watching videos this week since I used my phone for most stuff.

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Believe me Brad, the older you get the more you will appreciate those large tvs and monitors. It’s as valuable as headphones are when you are listening to anything on your phone speakers.

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