S5E3: Discussion with Craig Chee and Sarah Maisel

Just finished listening to your podcast with Craig and Sarah. They have done more to spread the excitement and inclusion among the ‘ukulele community worldwide than anyone since Jake Shimabukuro. They are the John and Jackie Kennedy of the uke world.

And personally, I would also love to see an ‘ukulele workshop on the big island. In a perfect world scenario, would you imagine it in Hilo or Kona? Who would like to partner with to make that a reality?

I kind of like the idea of it being in the boonies. Keeps people focused on the event instead of going off to do stuff. And makes it more straightforward to find and support scholarship students. Somewhere in Hāmākua or North Kohala.

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Oh I definitely support the idea of setting up in the “boonies”. I just wasn’t sure about accommodations. I guess there are some old plantation buildings that are set up for lodging people. Or were you thinking more of a campground situation with tents and a more rustic environment? I would totally be up for that kind of retreat.

Who would you like to see in your dream kumu stable, besides yourself?
Brittni Paiva, Corey Fujimoto, Higgs, Dagen Bernstein, Carli G? Maybe throw in a couple heavy hitters?

If you listen to the latest UU podcast, Aldrine mentions several times, “If you build it, they will come.” I firmly believe that. Especially if you could attract some younger locals as scholarship students, you could get a good mix of all ages. :_ukulele:

I don’t know how picky we can be. There’s not many options for a good venue. I wouldn’t be opposed to camping, but visitors wouldn’t have the gear and that’s a lot to provide. Sarah encouraged just doing it at a hotel to get started.

There are plenty of hometown heroes to get started if they want to participate: John Keawe, Sonny Lim, Keoki Kahumoku, plus old friends like Peter DeAquino, Sterling, and Max. I’m not at all worried about getting students involved so I think it’s easier to work with people who know the Hawaiian-style vision than fly in a bunch of folks just for the draw.

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