Who will make my next Mobius Strap?

CALLING ALL UKULELE STRAP ENTREPRENEURS: Tim Mullins, creator of the wonderful Mobius Strap, has announced his retirement.

It’s only a matter of time before my Mobius Strap wears out, and I lack the skills to make myself another one, so I’m hoping that somebody else will soon start making them commercially.

Although, at the time I write this post, his web site doesn’t make it perfectly clear, Mr. Mullins has let his patent lapse. Thanks in advance to whoever keeps that good thing going.

Here is @bradbordessa’s review of the Mobius Strap.

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A few years ago after reading brad’s review of this clever strap I decided to buy some webbing at a local material store and sew one up myself. It was not hard at all, except that I hand stitched the velcro on which took some time. Having a sewing machine would make the process a lot quicker, but it worked just fine. Rather than attach the adjustable loops, I just added more velcro patches to accomodate a soprano, concert or tenor 'ukulele. :_ukulele: At the time, I hadn’t decided which size I would prefer playing most. Although now I mostly play a tenor size with strap buttons. You can pick up the materials to make one easy enough. You’ll just need to find a local seamstress who will attach the velcro for you.

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I’m thankful for your reply, Bob, but it still sounds like a task I would rather delegate to someone else.

Maybe I’ll post it on the Facebook page of my local ukulele club.

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I’ts a pretty simple and elegant item to make. I’m sure that you will have some luck finding someone to make a few for you. I wonder if there’s a way to contact Tim Mullins to see if he will share the plans for his creation.

You might also try contacting Nancy Kocur on etsy. She has a site called Quilts and Ukuleles where she hand makes ukulele straps. I have bought a few of her straps over the years and she does quality work. She just might be willing to sew you up another Mobius strap to your specifications.

I hope that this helps.

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I don’t think this will be necessary, since his design is so easy to reverse-engineer.

But your recommendation of the Etsy merchant is potentially very helpful. I made sure to bookmark it. Thank you so much for that.

Etsy is great for this small item crafty stuff. Another option is to find a local seamstress/seamster. If you could hand them the actual strap I’m sure they could make you an almost perfect replica.

Maybe try asking for someone at the local sewing shop? There’s a gal who sits at our farmers market and sews just about anything you could need. Just got to find someone. :muscle:t3:


I thank you both, @the.other.bob.seeley and @bradbordessa, for your helpful advice.

One thing’s for sure Brian, it’s a whole lot easier than building a 'ukulele. :_ukulele:
And a whole lot cheaper to reproduce. Best of luck.

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